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Supervised Visitation Services

Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. helps strengthen the ties between family members and give them the tools to cope with the health crises they are facing.

nanny with 2 kidsSupervised Visitation

The Role of the Professional Visitation Supervisor

The safety and well-being of the child and other vulnerable family members are the primary concerns of the visitation supervisor. Our goal is to create a friendly space in which the child and parent feel comfortable and can interact in a natural and healthy way.

Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. offers supervision to adults with children. This may come as a result of a court-ordered visitation, attorney orders, or where supervision is requested for any other adult in your child’s life. Your child’s safety is our highest priority, and we train our care aides to be consistent and reliable when taking part in the supervision process.

Family Support and Prevention
Family Support and Prevention helps families develop the tools they need to parent their children effectively and enhance family functioning. The program focuses on families with multiple problems, helping them address core issues that impact child and family functioning. Services include counseling and case management.

Counseling Services
Counseling Services are available for children, families, and seniors. We focus on building individual and family strengths and their desire and capacity for change while addressing emotional, behavioral, and life stress challenges.

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