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Medical Group Homes in Central Phoenix/West Valley/East Valley (Medical & Non- Medical)

We help children, seniors, adults, and families overcome the challenges brought about by their medical conditions through comprehensive care and support.

Little girl in a hospitalCornerstone Healthcare Inc. operates multiple community-based residential group homes throughout the Central Phoenix area for children and adults with special medical and developmental needs. Serving medically complex clients since 2012, these family-centered homes are in residential neighborhoods and have nurses and care professionals 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Caring for Complex Medical Needs
The staff serving Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. are experts in caring for clients with medical needs using a ventilator, tracheotomy, G-tube, and other complex therapies and treatments that are hard to find in non-institutional, natural home environments. The health care professionals serving pediatric medical group homes can care for clients on ventilation for life support, or who are recovering from organ transplant or other surgery, have advanced cancers, suffered from traumatic brain injury or near-drowning, or those living with Spina Bifida or other complex medical conditions. Based on the clients’ plan of care and progress, some clients are with Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. for a year or two of intensive clinical management and are discharged home to their family. Other clients also live at Cornerstone Healthcare Inc.

We respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each client. Our caregivers treat each client and their families with quality care and compassion.

Providing a More Natural and Nurturing Environment
Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. medical group homes offer natural living environments that are more warm and homelike than nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and institutions. Residents, where appropriate, receive in-home schooling or school transport. Our community encourages recreation and social interaction to enhance the lives of each resident.

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Providing Transitional Care
Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. provides a transitional care environment to help clients transition smoothly from a hospital to their home and prevent avoidable hospital re-admissions.

Transitional care programs have reduced avoidable hospital re-admissions significantly. Through collaborative care coordination, our transitional care environment helps clients transition from the hospital more quickly and receive coordinated home-based care as they complete their recovery in our medical group homes prior to returning home.

Cornerstone Healthcare Inc. has RN clinical case managers who work closely with hospital discharge planners and social workers to establish a care plan and facilitate the transition. Once the client is discharged from the hospital, we facilitate all the support and care needed while they reside in the medical group home and then transition to their own family home.

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